Air Born with us FDSA !!

The Flight Dynamics School of Aeronautics (FDSA is one of the country’s premiere institution and model of excelence in aviation, science and technology education. It upholds the highest standards in all the programs of instruction, research and flight trainings to meet the demands for world-class Technicians and Pilots.

The school has 3 C-150, 1 C-172 VFR, 1 C-172 IFR, 1 BE-C23, Helicopter, jet plane(by order) and Flight Simulator to train our world class Pilots with our world class Ground and Flight Instructors.

The school also has an A/C Maintenace Laboratory to strengthen the capability and quality of training to our world class A/C Maintenance Mechanic.

So.. what are you looking for.. enroll now at FDSA !!

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